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The Josephites have many causes, all of them directed to the evangelization in the African American community of America.

In Baltimore and Washington, Alabama and Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas and Virginia and California, – the Josephites are at work – in parishes, in schools, in communities. They care, they lead, they teach.

The Josephites are dedicated to work, to live, to give and to share – in the African American community – all that God has taught through His Church and the life of his Son, Jesus Christ.

Guided by our patron, St. Joseph, and as guardians of the Society of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart, the Josephites are committed to the activation of hope and the formation of faith through sacramental ministry and pastoral care, personal witness and passion for evangelization, service to those in need and commitment to social justice.

In all that we do, for all of whom we do, we do as He would have us do.

Many have embraced our mission and our cause, joined our efforts, and witnessed the rewards of caring and giving, helping and teaching.

Will you adopt our mission? Will you join our cause?