2019 Christmas Appeal

Dear Friend:

As we approach the Christmas Season, we stop to reflect on our Community’s milestones in 2019 and focus on the true meaning of the Season.  “According to the Book of Matthew, a bright star led the magi from the east until it stopped “over the place where the child was” (Matthew 1:24).  The magi knelt down for the baby Jesus and “offered Him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh”.

The Christmas story reflects many messages, it lifts the immigrant story, the story of homelessness, the story of strangers seeking comfort and compassion and the great story of the reward of listening to your heart in responding to the call for help.  It encourages us to go beyond the usual, to see and honor the worth of our neighbors and recognize their call; as the wise men and shepherds of the fields did all those centuries ago.

Without the generous support of our benefactors like yourself, our work could not continue to fight for the sanctity of family life and the enhancement of individual dignity and freedom.  We have brought Jesus into the lives and homes of so many people – people whose lives have been enriched by Him and who, in turn, have shared their blessings with the church by their faith and loyalty. You have listened to your heart and helped your neighbors; we ask you to do that again.

Your previous gifts have enabled St. Joseph’s Society to accomplish several significant milestones in 2019, such as:

  • Welcomed 3 novices to the seminary
  • Celebrated 125 years of dedicated service to our mission to serve those in most need
  • Completed Phase 1 of renovations to the St. Joseph Seminary
  • Ensured the care and comfort of senior Brothers in Christ in newly renovated lodgings
  • Rededicated the Josephite vocations ministry in Nigeria
  • Empowered local parishes to expand community stewardship to establish food banks

This list outlines only a small representation of our ministry. We work in communities as we support and council families, feed the hungry, heal the sick, teach those who are eager to learn and excel and help the unemployed find work.  Our work is great, and the laborers are few.  Today there are less than 75 Josephites and a large group are retired.  One of our greatest needs are raising resources for the Vocations Ministry.  The training, housing and education of a seminarian comes at a cost of $65,000 per year.  In addition to finding the means to secure our future priests, we are dedicated to the care for our retired priests that have dedicated their lives to God’s service at an annual average cost of $55,000 per priest.

That is why I’m asking for your financial support of our mission and the work of the Josephites.  It is only through your loyal commitment and appreciation for the labor of the Josephites that we can offer loving care and services to our communities.

I appreciate your previous support and thank you in advance for your 2020 Christmas gift to the St. Joseph Society of the Sacred Heart. Keep us in prayer as we pray for you.

God’s gift of peace in the year ahead.

Yours in Jesus, Prince of Peace

Bishop John Ricard, SSJ, Ph.D



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