Share in Mission

Share in Mission is an annual fundraising appeal started in 2008 to generate a continuous source of revenue to support the mission and ministry of the Josephites. Share in Mission is the first time since 1871 that the Josephites sought direct support from their parishioners to help sustain their ministry. Why? Each salaried Josephite contributes his salary to the support of the mission. In missions where people cannot afford to support religious staff, Josephites will often work without pay to meet the people’s need. Share in Mission helps to address the financial need to recruit and educate seminarians to sustain the Josephite ministry, care for infirmed and retired Josephites and expand Josephite ministries in communities served.

Since its inception in 2008, Share in Mission has generated over $700,000 in new revenue through pledges and contributions from Josephite parishioners and local bishops in Dioceses where Josephites serve. Make a pledge so that our theme “New Evangelization, New Priests, New Life in the Church,” becomes more real in the communities we serve. You can pledge as outlined below:

JOSEPHITE LEADERSHIP CIRCLE $100/month ($1200 per year)

JOSEPHITE SEMINARIAN SPONSOR $50/month ($600 per year)

JOSEPHITE MISSION SOCIETY $30 /month ($360 per year)

JOSEPHITE CARPENTER’S GUILD $10/ month ($120 per year)


Please make a pledge now through our secure online donation system.

You may also print this form and mail it to the address below.

Josephite Headquarters
P.O. Box 65010
Baltimore, MD 21209

Toll Free Phone: 844-249-5730

To request more information submit the form below:

  • I want to receive communication from the Society of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart Mission Office related to the:

You can also contribute to Share in Mission in the areas listed below:

  • NATIONAL COMMITTEE LAY LEADER – assist your pastor and the Director of Development u the local Share in Mission Annual Appeal
  • LEGACY DONOR – remember the Josephites in your will or as primary beneficiary on an insurance policy
  • SACRED HEART SOCIETY MEMBER – make a five-year pledge of $25,000 to honor the living or as memorial to a Josephite or family member