‘Racism is a pro-life issue’: The Catholic Church’s latest response to racism in America

The Catholic Church possesses clear doctrine that racism is a sin, even defining it as a broadly “pro-life” issue in a sweeping new document. It offers dozens of programs and opportunities to address it.

Yet the church’s leaders in Southwest Ohio admit┬áto a frustrating disconnect with many of the faithful on the topic.

“We’re not getting the message across as clearly as we should,” said Cincinnati’s archbishop, the Most Rev. Dennis Schnurr.

“The dignity of the human person knows no color. We’re all made in the image and likeness of God. We all have our own talents, so we don’t all reflect God in the same way. Color is one trait, but it’s a trait that comes from God.”

The Catholic Church’s struggles with race and racism are similar to other Christian denominations here and across the country. But with 461,000 members and the nation’s sixth largest Catholic school system with about 43,000 students,┬áthe archdiocese is the most influential denomination in the area.

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