Thirty Days Prayer to Saint Joseph

St. Joseph is always there when we need help! We know that’s true. Joseph, the foster father of Jesus, was chosen by God to be the protector of the Holy Family. He is our protector, too.

For centuries, Christians have known they can confide in Joseph, like a father, and call on him for support in times of trouble.

We Josephites have a special devotion to St. Joseph. He is our patron. St. Joseph has been our beacon for more than 125 years of ministry in the African-American community here in the United States. With your assistance and support, Josephites serve in parishes, schools and special ministries in the African-American areas of our country every day.

The Feast of St. Joseph, March 19, is special celebration for Josephites. It is our sacred custom to prepare for this feast by invoking St. Joseph for 30 days for our special intentions and those of our friends and benefactors.

Why 30 days? These 30 days of prayer honor the 30 years Joseph spent with Jesus and Mary on earth. It is in the 30-day prayer that we petition St. Joseph, by his sufferings, sorrows and joys, to hear our requests and carry them to God’s throne on high.

Join your petitions with ours and your prayers with all Josephites as we prepare for the St. Joseph feast day. Visit There, you can enroll in the Thirty Days of Prayer. It’s that simple.

Whatever sacrifice you wish to make to support the ministries of the Josephite priests and brothers will be used to support our 15 young men in formation, our retired, sick and infirm Josephites and those of us who serve in places which cannot afford to financially support a priest or brother.

As part of St. Joseph’s family here on earth, Josephites ask him every day to “obtain for all those who have asked our prayers everything that is useful to them in the plan of God.” We look forward to having you join us in these 30 days of prayer.

Join your petitions with ours and your prayers with the prayers of all Josephites as we prepare for his feast day.You are invited to join your petitions and your prayers with the prayers of all Josephites as we prepare for his feast day. Please submit your petitions and prayers by clicking here.

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You can download the 30 Days Prayer pamphlet here.