We Josephites have been doing the work of evangelization in the African American community for more than 140 years. The Josephites have served African Americans in their faith journey since 1871. The Josephite story is an exciting part of the history of our country and our church. As we look forward, we can do so in confidence because of partners like you.

To be a Josephite Sustaining Partner is one who has made a commitment to support the work of the Josephites in all aspects of our very existence – recruiting and training young men to be priests and brothers, to care for the sick or retired, and to continue ministering in places and assignments that cannot afford to support a Josephite. That commitment “sustains” us – and is given on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or even annual basis by our partners for this special work. Your support is also a “commitment” – regular and continual – with the understanding that a sustaining partner can opt out at any time they so choose.

If you are already one of the 1,400 “Sustaining Partners” who regularly contribute to the Josephite mission, I thank you and encourage you to renew your pledge today!

If you are not a Sustaining Partner, I ask you to consider making the Josephites a beneficiary of your goodness. Complete this secure donation form to make a continuing gift to the Josephite ministry. Or, you can make a one time “Sustaining Partner” donation if you prefer.

Our Sustaining Partners are our most reliable source of support for the Josephite mission.

Here is why we need your help:

  • We don’t have enough priests. The basic income that has sustained the work of the Josephites for over a century comes from the support of priests who serve in parishes. The fewer active priests we have, the less sustaining income we have. Today we have 47% fewer priests than we did 25 years ago.
  • Although our sustaining income has dropped, we have rising costs on two fronts:
    • Each year, we have to care for more aging and sick priests, at an average cost of $150.00 per day.
    • We still have to find and educate candidates for the priesthood at an average of $50.00 per day in the United States.

As a Sustaining Partner you will receive the benefits of a special Mass said each month for your spiritual and temporal welfare. In addition, you will share in the prayers said by all Josephite priests, brothers and seminarians.

To fill out a form and send it by mail, click here.

Every day of our lives, Josephites are about our mission of evangelization in the African American community. Every day, we are preparing for the future and at the same time taking care of those who have already given totally of their lives in missionary service. Every day, we Josephites pray for our benefactors, living and deceased.

For more information on the Sustaining Partners programs, please contact the Josephite Mission Office:

Mailing Address:

Josephite Headquarters
P.O. Box 65010
Baltimore, MD 21209

Toll Free Phone: 844-249-5730