Perpetual Enrollment

Enroll in Perpetual Membership

A Perpetual Membership in the Josephite Family is the perfect way to say that you care for a living or deceased family member or friend.

A person enrolled in Perpetual Membership in the Josephite Family shares in all of the Masses, prayers and good works of Josephite priests, brothers, seminarians and novices for as long as the Josephites Society exists. Living persons enrolled do not need to be enrolled again after death.

All offerings from Perpetual Memberships in the Josephite Family are used for the education and training of future Josephites priests and brothers.

The offering for an individual enrollment is $10. Families and other groups may be enrolled also, for an offering of $50.

An attractive certificate of enrollment will be mailed upon request. The certificate makes a handsome gift as a reminder of your love and generosity.

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Call: 1-844-249-5730

Write: The Josephite Mission Office
1200 Varnum Street, NE
Washington, DC 20017